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Well, it’s high time that I share about where I work.

As Wedding Planners, we may not require commercial office space, but we do need a workspace. Whether you work from an office, shared office space or home office, your office or workspace say a lot about you, your style and your business.

I am blessed to have the opportunity to construct my office and workspace with the talented and creative, Amilia Gani from Facelift Design & Interiors. Our relationship goes a long way when she started WoodleighPark, a floral bouquet company. So it was a definite choice when my husband and I chose her as our interior designer for our new home.

My family moved to the north in January 2019, and this new home of mine has rather a high ceiling. Yes, you can guess that most people would want a loft or furniture deck (the term I must use when designing this area). My husband, none other, has the full say about the design of how the furniture deck is going to be – with a spiral staircase! It was quite stressful, honestly, because there was also space area and laden weight to consider to construct this furniture deck. To cut the long story short, we finally agreed with the design and layout that Amilia proposed.

Wedding & Romance Home Office - Living Area Wedding & Romance Home Office - LoftThe result was way beyond my expectations. I LOVE IT! The simplicity of the workspace, furniture, and colours reflect my style and personality, and I know that I can work here every day. So here is my home office workspace, where most of my wedding planning work is being done daily.Wedding & Romance Home Office - Loft Area Wedding & Romance Home Office - Work Space

For those who are interested to peek at my home (ahem!), do check out #mezzavintagemodhome, interior styling done by Amilia Gani and photos shot by Halil Iskandar of Electric Love Photo Company.

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